Creating Sustainable Change Within Our Community

Brown Descents Car Club Association aims to create sustainable change in Orange County, California through creating scholarships for high school seniors in the county. We want to use our sense of community in creating lasting support for our youth.

The Origins of Our Organization

Brown Descents Car Club Association was originally founded in the 70's by the fathers, uncles and older brothers of the current members of the organization. Back then, the club was just a classic car social club but it slowly disappeared.

About 8 years ago, the sons and nephews of the original club started it back up again. But this time, the club was started with a purpose in mind. The current members realized they could give back to their community. That's when they began their fundraising activities to help fund the many events they have for the benefit of the youth.


What We Do

From the car club events and other holiday events, we raise funds for high school scholarships for the seniors in our county.

All of the donations we receive, minus the expenses we incurred, are put into the scholarships and other community building efforts. We are also a volunteer-based organization to ensure that we can maximize the donations.

Play Your Part

Join us and take part in creating change in the community by attending our events. We have various occasions lined up for the year that you can swing by.